Wide-range silkworm rearing technology for color silkworms

It was jointly developed and developed by the Sericulture Research Institute of the Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Provincial Silk Co., Ltd. The technological achievements of color silkworms production using coloration of pigments were identified by experts of the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province in March 2002. The silk produced by the color cocoon has passed the quality inspection of the relevant state departments, which proves that it does not contain any internationally banned dyes, and the silk fabric has reached the standards of ecological textile fibers. In order to promote the scientific and technological achievements quickly, benefiting silkworm farmers, the silkworm sericulture of Ganxian County, under the strong support of the Provincial Sericulture Research Institute, secured 20 silkworm cocoon feeding trials and reared them at 4 silk farmhouse sites in Longtan Village, Taohuatan Town. ,Success. Practice has proved that this technology is easy to grasp, good operation, suitable for any currently promoted silkworm varieties, has broad prospects for development. First, the silkworm rearing technology silkworm silkworms in the early feeding period and the common silkworm feeding phase, according to the normal technical requirements can be operated on the silkworm varieties there is no strict requirements, the current production of silkworm varieties to promote, such as 871,872, Qingsong Haoyue, Chunlei Town is suitable for keeping. The most critical technical requirement is that after 5th instar feeding, the silkworm requires strong, well-developed and disease-free. 1. Add food time: On the second day after 5th instar silkworm feeding, use 1 bag of pigment powder for each silkworm egg (26,000 heads), add two times daily with the amount of leaf feeding. . 2. Preparation of the dye solution: Firstly, dissolve the pigment powder with warm water of 40-50°C (you can use pigment powders of red, yellow, etc. as needed), and then add 10 kg of cold water to dilute the pigment stock solution. 3, the use of pigment liquid: in the silkworm silkworm room with plastic film on the ground and divided into two, while used to stack mulberry leaves, while set aside. The stock solution was re-diluted at a ratio of 1:5 and directly sprayed with a sprayer at the rate of 10 kg of leaf per kilogram of pigment dilution. When you spray the solution, you should put on a clean paddy field socks and use the foot to evenly turn the mulberry leaves to the reserved side. To achieve even spraying, spray the second pass in the same way. For disease prevention and disease resistance, silkworm antibiotics can be added to the spray solution. 4. Note: In case of rainy days or high air humidity, reduce the amount of water and increase the concentration of pigment. Adjust the ratio of concentrated pigment to cold water from 1:5 to 1:4 or 1:3. Adding the food to the silkworms must be done until the old silkworms are cooked. Before the top of the cluster, the eucalyptus can be eaten normally in order to be mature. During the period, the silkworm should be ventilated and ventilated to prevent flies and pay attention to shade to prevent sunlight from directly hitting the silkworm body. Clusters should be used on the cluster and wait until all phlegm is removed before picking. Second, the results of analysis In the species and feeding environment the same conditions, the color 茧 has a good overall advantage. According to the results of the rearing survey, the yield per color reached 49 kg, 44.5 kg for common oysters, and 4.5 kg for each. The market price for oysters was RMB 14/kg for this spring and RMB 18/kg for color oysters, RMB 4 for each kilogram. At the same time, the color pods developed well in the late period, the leaf volume was large, and the disease resistance was strong. The liberation rate and the ride-up rate were all higher by 4.4% than that of the common quail. In addition, there is no essential difference between the methods and technical requirements for rearing of color silkworm silkworms and common silkworm silkworms before 5th instar. Pigment pigments used in later stages are easy to control by silkworm farmers through practical operation and training. The cost of raising them is low and they have positive effects on farmers' income. The role. Third, the promotion prospects Silk is China's main export product of foreign exchange. In the 1980s, China’s silk has been at the leading level in the world. With the rise of the silk industries such as Thailand and India, the competitiveness of the international market has become increasingly fierce, and due to the lack of good Dealing with the relationship between silkworm agriculture, harvesting and drying, and processing has reduced the quality of silk products in China and the outlook for the silk industry is not optimistic. The color enamel is a new type of technology product. The "Riccaro" brand natural color silk garment produced by Anhui Tiancai Shengsi Technology Development Co., Ltd. has opened up a world in the fierce market competition, January 2003. Won the Gold Medal of the China International Silk Exposition, filling the blank of silk products in Anhui Province. The promotion of silkworm breeding techniques for color silkworms first has market demand. With the improvement of people’s living standards, people are pursuing healthy beauty while pursuing fashion. People’s consumer demand provides space for their development; secondly, with the development of science and technology The development, the reserve of talents, and the promotion of a sound network have provided guarantees for its promotion. Finally, the promotion of production of colored earthworms has provided an opportunity for farmers to increase their income. Under normal circumstances, it can ensure that silkworm farmers increase their income by 10%. My county's annual silkworm rearing capacity is about 50,000, and if it is gradually promoted, it will create favorable conditions for agricultural efficiency improvement and farmers' income increase.

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