WHO: Global New Coronal Virus Infection Causes Three More Deaths

WHO: Global New Coronal Virus Infection Causes Three More Deaths World Health Organization announced that Saudi Arabia and Jordan recently notified WHO of three new cases of deaths from coronavirus infections. This has increased the total number of laboratory-confirmed new cases of coronavirus infections to nine, with deaths increasing to 5 cases.

The UN agency headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, said Saudi Arabia notified WHO on November 28 of a new case of death from a new type of coronavirus infection. Jordan also reported two deaths on the 30th. The latest reported death in Saudi Arabia was from the same family as the two previously reported cases. This occurred in October this year. The cases reported by Jordan occurred in April this year.

To date, of the nine confirmed cases of novel coronavirus infections received by WHO, five (including three deaths) were from Saudi Arabia, two were from Qatar, and the other two (all deaths) were from Jordan.

WHO calls on all member states to continue to monitor severe acute respiratory infections, consider testing for novel coronavirus infections in patients with unexplained lung infections, and emphasizes that any country or region with clustered severe acute respiratory infections should conduct a thorough investigation. .

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