What is the golf course for?

The golf course is a good place for urban dwellers. It covers a large area and there are many water conservation fertilizers for the stadium. If the lawn is used for fertilization and improper use of medicine, it will cause new pollution to the soil and water quality, and cause damage to the stadium vegetation.
The general principle of golf course environmental management should be “to keep the ball on the court”. There is no fertilizer, you can use the litter on the golf course and other organic organic waste, and use special microbial starter to make organic manure or biological in situ. Organic fertilizers, rather than spending a lot of money on chemical fertilizers, cause new pollution, and spend a lot of money on pesticides to create new pesticide residues. The principle of "holding the court on the ground" creates the true harmony between "man and nature" and is the same as the "spirit of golf".
In response to the current state of the golf course and high ecological requirements, Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has integrated the development of the United States, Japan, South Korea and many other technical units experts in the past more than a decade. Kindergarten series of microbiological products suitable for golf and flower seedling care, it is the best care combination scheme for golf course lawn and other nursery stocks, namely: Gembio Fermentation + Golden Dolphin Microbial Fertilizer.
Applying on the lawn can achieve ideal results. The main method is to first use the Kinpo biological fermentation agent (also known as Ginba organic material decay agent), which is a special microbial fermentation agent (is a special function from the natural world, screening, purification, rejuvenation) "Functional microorganisms" resemble human-made "police dogs" and "shepherd dogs" that cause organic waste such as shredded grass and litter that have been pruned from golf courses to rapidly decompose through microbial fermentation and become organic fertilizers. , At the same time, add another high-efficiency gold and precious microbial agent (nitrogen-fixing, phosphate-solubilizing, potassium-releasing bacteria, is another type of “police dog”, “shepherd dog”) and a small amount of available nutrients to make organic fertilizers more efficient. Bio-organic fertilizers (organic matter, available nutrients, functional micro-organisms, and trace elements are all called "high-efficiency bio-organic fertilizers"). The two kinds of microbial agents are used together (the latter one is used as "fermented fertilizer"). The eco-friendly fertilizer produced by it can more obviously inhibit the spread of soil-borne pathogens, improve plant resistance to disease, drought and stress, and stimulate crops to be fast. Growth and development, significantly reduce the mortality rate of seedlings of flowers, while producing ecological benefits, but also cost savings, bringing considerable economic benefits.

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