Walnut falling more generally to take measures to comprehensive prevention

At present, China's walnut planting area is about 31.75 million mu, and its annual output is nearly 500,000 tons. It ranks first in the world both in terms of area and output. Over the past few years, as people’s health awareness has increased, the sales of walnuts have been large, and market prices have been positive. Especially in the hilly areas, the planting area is still expanding. Although walnuts are less strict with environmental conditions and are more resistant to drought, they also have certain technical requirements in terms of management. For example, in April and May of each year, walnuts are prone to fruit drop, which is a common problem. Recently, many growers have reported that the walnuts they planted have begun to drop fruit, and some fruit drop has reached more than 70%. Regarding the reasons for falling walnuts, the reporter did some investigations and believed that the main reasons are as follows:

One is the improper selection of varieties. Select varieties should be adapted to local conditions, should choose the species suitable for the local climate and soil conditions. Generally, those thin shell varieties that are robust, strong in stress, high in quality, and high in yield should be selected. Walnut is a dioecious plant with different sexes. When constructing a garden, it is best to select 2 to 4 main cultivars with similar or complementary male and female flowering stages, or configure suitable pollination varieties. The ratio of main cultivars to pollination cultivars is 4:1. The main varieties can be planted in Xiangling, Liaoning Nuclear No. 4, Yuanfeng, Fenghui, etc.

The second is the rain or the low temperature during flowering, resulting in poor pollination. Young fruit that is not fertilized generally suffer fruit drop after 20 days of flowering, which is the main reason causing walnuts to drop fruit in many places this year.

The third is lack of nutrients. Many people think that walnuts can produce less if they do not even top-dressing fertilizers. Due to the shortage of fertilizers, the consumption of nutrients at the flowering stage is relatively large, resulting in nutrient deficits and weaker tree vigor, resulting in fruit drop.

The fourth is the lack of trace elements. When the lack of boron, zinc deficiency, lack of copper, falling fruit easily.

Fifth, the use of too much nitrogen fertilizer, or partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, resulting in excessive tree vigor, resulting in loss of balance between vegetative growth and physiological growth, resulting in falling flowers.

Sixth, the fruit and insect pests caused by the fruit drop. The main diseases of walnuts are anthracnose and bacterial black spot, which mainly damage fruits and leaves, directly causing fruit rot and causing fruit drop.

Comprehensive prevention and control measures: 1 Timely top dressing and strong tree vigor. Generally, fertilizers should be topdressed in autumn and spring. Each acre should be topdressed with 1,000 to 1,500 kilograms of soil-fertilizer. According to the age of the walnuts, each tree should be topped with 1 to 1.5 kg of no-tillage fertilizer or common NPK fertilizer, and each leaf should be sprayed before and after flowering. Application 1 ~ 2 times 4000 times liquid Shuofeng 481 plus 1000 ~ 1500 times liquid available boron. After the use of available boron, it can effectively avoid the unpleasant phenomena caused by lack of boron in the crops, such as flowers, flowers, flowers, fruits, fruits, malnutrition and fruit malformations. To prevent rotten fruit or fruit drop caused by anthrax, it can be sprayed once every 400 to 600 times in the middle of May, early June, and early July to add 80% dexamethasone and add 4000 times Shuofeng 481.

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