Top Ten Mistakes in Pig Farming

Core Tip: For many years, there have been a number of technical errors in the pig industry, some of which may be theoretically sound, but have proved to be wrong in field practice. These plausible pig raising techniques are briefly summarized as follows:

1, sows postpartum reduction

"In order to avoid sow prenatal and postpartum dyspepsia, constipation and other reasons, sows to reduce prenatal and postpartum?" We have done a lot of comparative tests and proved to be wrong. The reduction of material or not has nothing to do with the above situation. "As far as sows do not feed or feed less on the day of their sow, it is a waste of money!" Sows do not eat or eat very little when they feed on the day of the sow.

2. Sow before and after weaning

"In order to reduce the occurrence of diseases such as mastitis and weaning sows, sows must be reduced before and after weaning?" Practice has proved to be wrong. After weaning, the mother is separated and the sow naturally stops producing milk. There is no obvious relationship between eating more ingredients and whether mastitis occurs. It is correct that the sow's feeding standard is reduced to 3-4 kilograms per day after weaning, but it is not intended to prevent mastitis and other diseases.

For a long time, the 1-2 theory of two major mistakes led to lactating sows in the entire lactation period of at least a week or so is not enough to eat, can not meet the nutritional needs of lactation!

3, straw or chicken manure feeding pigs

Feeding pigs with straws (such as corn stalks) has been denied by many experts and will not be mentioned here. There is also talk about chicken droppings feeding pigs. Chicken droppings should not be promoted if the current purification measures and technology are not matched, otherwise pig diseases will become more complicated.

4, suckling pig N-health care

Many drug sellers, but also some pig specialists propaganda: breast-feeding piglets to carry out three-needle, four-pin ... ... or even six-pin health care drugs, I think it is wrong. There are three reasons: First, the total sucking piglet stress is too large, affecting weight gain and weaning weight; Second, even if the nursing piglets need health care, they do not need injections. They can switch to oral or water diversion because of the digestive tract absorption of suckling piglets. The drug's ability is very strong; Third, for suckling piglets, many injection drugs can be changed to oral medication.

5, own seedling

In order to solve a pig disease problem, some pig farms engage in their own seedlings. In the current laboratory technology, it is more harm than good. Simply put, pigs in a pig herd may have swine fever, some pigs have blue-ears disease, some pigs have circovirus... For example, the pig’s group recently diagnosed an outbreak of circovirus disease. Engaging in the circovirus vaccine, please ask: Who has such technology - can you ensure that your own seedlings have eliminated or inactivated other possible viruses and bacteria? If the answer is negative, isn't it destroying? It is possible that this circovirus disease has been temporarily controlled, but is it that the other diseases of the herd do not spread more?

6, seasonal farms seasonal immunity

Large-scale pig farms must not develop immunization procedures like those of free-range farmers, and they should do as much as spring veterinary stations to defend against autumn diseases. Instead, they need to be immunized in batches according to the growing stage of the pigs. Otherwise, the immune effects will be greatly reduced.

7, piglet zero immunization

Routine immunization does not need to be done. The piglets are immunized before zero hour, unless the epidemic is absolutely necessary. Moreover, in most large-scale pig farms, zero-time pre-milk immunization of piglets is often difficult and impossible to implement.

8, can not fight during pregnancy

"Can't vaccinate during pregnancy, otherwise it will lead to miscarriage or other side effects?" Vaccination during pregnancy is the most cost-effective and most valuable. As to whether it will lead to miscarriage or other side effects, as long as the operation is formal, the vaccine currently used on farms has not yet been found.

9, virus disease can cure

"Viral disease can cure?" At present, there are only some adjuvant treatment drugs that do not cure the symptoms.

10, diethylstilbestrol aphrodisiac breeding

Estradiol can only estrus but does not ovulate. Frequently, the estrus sows do not expect to be pregnant after having used the diethylstilbestrol aphrodisiac to breed.

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