Things to pay attention to when purchasing sheep

1. Look at the local situation

The most effective measure to rapidly increase the production performance of mutton sheep is economical crossbreeding, and the improvement of local sheep breeds by the introduction of superior meat breed sheep improves its growth rate and meat production performance. According to the germplasm characteristics of local breeds, various localities should introduce and improve them in a targeted way to improve the performance and growth rate of local goats. Under conditions permitting, we must first conduct hybridization and improvement tests, and then determine the goal of improvement, so as not to stray into the introduction and speculation.

2. Depends on body type

It depends on the size, fatness and appearance of the flock to determine the purity and health of the breed. The coat color, head shape, angle, and body shape of the breeding sheep must meet the variety standards. Animal husbandry and technical personnel can help. The body, body condition and constitution of the breeding sheep should be strong, the width of the fore chest should be deep, the limbs should be thick, and the muscle tissue should be developed. The rams must be big and strong, have great eyes, have well-developed testicles, and have a strong sexual desire. Special attention should be paid to whether or not the testis or cryptorchidism. The ewes must have long legs and high waist and good breast development. The ewes with narrow chest, sloping hips, inverted abdomen, and "X"-shaped anterior and posterior limbs should not be used for breeding purposes.

3. Look at age

Judging mainly from teeth, the goat has a total of 32 teeth, of which 8 are full-length incisors.

When the lamb is 3-4 weeks old, the eight incisors are long and white, and they are milky white. They are relatively neat and have a high and narrow shape. They are close to a long column and are called milk teeth. At this time, the sheep is called "original mouth" or "milk mouth"; After 12-14 months of age, the two most central incisors fell off and replaced with two larger ones. The teeth were yellow in color, wide in shape and short in shape, and they were called permanent teeth. The sheep were called For "two teeth" or "tooth"; after about a year for a pair of teeth, to all eight incisors replaced permanent teeth, the sheep called "Qikou."

Therefore, "Yuankou" sheep refers to sheep within 1 year old, "tooth" is 1-1.5 years old, "four teeth" is 1.5-2 years old, "six teeth" is 2.5-3 years old, and "eight teeth" is 3- 4 years. After 4 years of age, the age of the sheep was judged mainly based on the size of the incisor and the gap between the teeth; the 5-year-old sheep had a round cross-section and a gap between the teeth; at the age of 6 years, the gap between the teeth became wider and the teeth became shorter; The teeth are shorter and begin to fall off when they are 8 years old.

Carefully observe the teeth during introduction and judge the age of the sheep so as not to mislead the old sheep.

4. To determine the health of the sheep

Healthy sheep lively and lively, bright eyes and eyes, shiny hair, strong appetite, normal breathing, body temperature, strong limbs; sick sheep are scattered hair, rough and dull, eyes are apathetic, dull, loss of appetite, breathing Shortness of time, increased body temperature, or illness on the body surface and limbs.

5. To bring along the line card and quarantine certificate

There are pedigree files in general sheep farms, and pedigree cards are required in order to grasp the kinship of the breeding sheep and the production performance of parents and grandparents, and to estimate the performance of the breeding sheep itself. When introducing from other places, the quarantine certificate should be obtained from the introduction unit. First, the situation of the disease can be understood so as to avoid the introduction of diseased sheep. Second, when inspections are in progress, livestock and poultry species with complete procedures can be used.

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