The main conditions for the growth of broiler chickens

1. Temperature

The temperature is related to body temperature regulation, exercise, feeding, drinking, and feed digestion and absorption. Temperature is the primary condition for brooding and must be mastered. Brooding temperature should be stable: uniform, suitable for high and low. It should also be based on the chick’s age and the outside temperature. At night, the outside temperature is low, the chicks restlessly restless and lack exercise, so the nighttime temperature should be 1°C~2°C higher than the daytime. When the outside temperature is low, the brooding temperature is slightly higher. If the outside temperature is high, the brooding temperature should be lower. With the increase of age, the temperature can be gradually reduced. Do not go high or low. Excessive temperatures can also cause respiratory problems or cause paralysis. Low temperatures can cause chicks to become cold and prone to colds and whites.

The temperature used during brooding gradually decreased from 32°C to 35°C at 4 days. That is, 1 °C drop every 3 days, until room temperature (ie, 18 °C ~ 21 °C) so far.

2. Humidity

Humidity has a greater impact on the health and growth of the chicks, which is too low. The water in the chicks is distributed with the respiratory tract, and the newborns are prone to losing water. Drinking water alone is not enough. In a dry environment, the chicks have fluffy hair, and the dust and villi in the chicken house fly around. It is easy for chickens to become infected with respiratory diseases. On the other hand, if the humidity is too high, a high-humidity environment is conducive to bacterial growth and can easily cause coccidiosis. In general, the initial humidity should reach 60% to 65%, after which it should reach 50% to 55%.

3. Ventilation

The fresh air in the house and the proper circulation of air are prerequisites for raising the chicks. Through air circulation, harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide can be discharged from the house. Can adjust the temperature and humidity in the house. Different degrees of ventilation should be started after 1 week of age. If the ventilation in the house is poor, the content of harmful gas in the house is high, which can reduce the resistance of the chickens. In particular, ammonia gas directly stimulates the chicken's respiratory system, making it difficult to breathe, hindering chicken growth and development, and inducing breathing. Systemic diseases even blind chicks. With the increase of the age, the growth of chickens, the oxygen demand continues to increase, ventilation is particularly important. However, it must be noted that ventilation should be followed by increased temperature and avoid thieves.

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