The benefits of earthworms to the soil

The earthworms are based on decaying organic matter and soil such as dead leaves, soil, and dead leaves. The vegetable farmer sees that manure and other organic fertilizers are reduced, but it converts organic matter into soil organic matter. Studies have shown that the excrement discharged from it contains about 40% organic matter, and the organic matter particles after digestion by the earthworm are small and more easily absorbed by vegetables. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the use of organic manure due to incomplete fermentation. harm. At the same time, the content of beneficial bacteria per kilogram of earthworm feces after digestion is 200,000-200 million. It can reasonably combine the growth of organic matter, microorganisms, and vegetables to improve the soil environment. Secondly, the granules of worm excrement are uniform and water-breathable, which is 3 times higher than that of ordinary soil. And it can accelerate the formation of soil aggregate structure, and can fundamentally solve the problem of soil compaction, improve soil permeability, water retention, and maintain fertility, which is conducive to the reproduction and increase of microorganisms, enhance the ability of soil to store nutrients, and is more conducive to vegetables. Root absorption and utilization.

The presence of a large amount of earthworms in the soil is also an important indicator of soil health. Farmers should pay attention to their protection and should not use pesticides to kill them.

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Saury In Brine

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