"Sucking tube" method for driving wild boars

In the mountainous areas, the occurrence of wild boar spoilage often occurs. However, wild boars are also listed as protected and cannot be easily hunted without the approval of the forestry authorities. This article describes an environment-friendly "sweeping tube" method to drive wild boars that can receive the best of both worlds.

"Buddha" is an ancient animal protection facility. It uses the lever principle to inject water at the end of a bamboo tube to make it weightless, and to drive the first end of the bamboo tube to produce an intermittent knocking sound to drive the animal. Therefore, the prerequisite for the installation of a "slug cartridge" is to have a source of water, as long as there is a trickle. The water volume is large, and the diameter of the bamboo tube is larger; the water volume is small, and the diameter of the bamboo tube should also be small.

Production method: Take a bamboo tube with a diameter of 6-10 cm and a length of 130-180 cm (the bamboo is hard and brittle). Cut the tail end into a bevel. The entire bamboo tube is tilted at its tail end and downward at the head end, and the slope is inclined to be in a horizontal state. Look for a fulcrum in the middle of the bamboo tube. The position of the fulcrum can be filled with water, and the tail end can be lowered (poured) by its own weight, and the leading end can take advantage of the upturn. After the fulcrum is positioned, a small cross hole is drilled at the fulcrum. The main component of this "slug" is ready.

At the time of installation, two small tree rakes are nailed to the ground at the place where the crop is located, and the bamboo bar is placed on the tree sill. Put a hard rock on the first end of the bamboo tube. And the tail end is in the horizontal state as the installation standard (can be achieved by adjusting the height of tree shingle or stone). After that, the water can be injected into the water and the intermittent knocking sounds “梆-梆--” will be automatically generated around the clock.

The percussion interval should be 2 minutes. Excessive or too slow to drive the beast is not good. The length of the rest period can be controlled by adjusting the amount of water injected. It is also possible to drill some lightweight, brightly colored fabrics and the like in the first end of the bamboo tube to make it dance with the rise and fall of the bamboo tube; or to paint the bamboo tube with red paint to enhance the drove effect.

Depending on the terrain conditions, one or more "rollers" can be set. When setting more than one, you can also make some minor improvements:

1, the use of plastic water diversion, installation, easy to set.

2. The percussive sound of each can be adjusted to be staggered with each other.

3, can choose a bamboo tube with different diameters and different bamboo diameters to make: You can also drill holes of different specifications on the side of the first end of the bamboo tube to produce different sound quality and create different sound field effects.

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