Sagittaria New Variety - Shaving Laowu Cultivation Technology

Sagittarius is a new type of aquatic vegetable imported from the Wuhan Institute of Aquatic Vegetables in 2005 by the Qilin District Vegetable Station. Through three years of experimentation, the species has grown vigorously and has strong resistance to diseases. ), good taste, high yield characteristics, suitable for large-scale promotion of planting in our region, has now become the dominant species.
1. Characteristics: The old black plant is 128 cm high, leaves 25 cm wide, 33 cm long, green leaves, petiole upright, plant type compact, stem diameter 18.3 cm, unfolding degree 95 cm, bulbous round, longitudinal diameter 5.4 Centimeter, diameter 6.5 cm, bud 12 cm long. The Sagittaria's epidermis is light green, with an average weight of 115 grams per ball, a high starch content, a commercial rate of 95%, and an average yield of 1,900 kilograms per mu. Precocious, short growth period, about 190 days, strong disease resistance, not susceptible to smut.
Second, cultivation points:
1. Selecting and collecting buds: Select the thick, non-invasive and moderately-sized bulbs. Cut the top buds of the arrowhead 1~2cm and save them with the wet sand stacking method.
2. Seedling raising: Nursery is started in mid-March, and the spacing is about 1010 centimeters in order to stably carry and expose the tips of the buds.
3. Reasonable planting: transplanting at the beginning of May, 7050 cm away from the plant spacing, planting density is too large, affecting the yield and quality.
4. Scientific fertilization: The Sagittarius requires a large amount of fertilizer, and the fertilization should be based on basal fertilizer. The top dressing should be mainly nitrogen-based, and the latter should be supplemented with phosphorus and potash to facilitate bulb enlargement. Fertilizers should be applied between the rows to prevent chemical fertilizers from sticking to the leaves of the Sagittaria to burn the leaves.
5, timely harvest: harvesting is generally carried out at the end of September, not too early.

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