Red heart pomelo safety production technology

Pinghe County Jinsheng Red Heart Pomelo Professional Cooperative has made great efforts in the safety production technology of the Red Heart Pomelo and summarized the methods.

(I) Factors affecting the safety of red pomelo fruit

There are two main aspects:

1. Natural environment factors include: First, the impact of atmospheric pollutants, such as toxic gases, dust and other pollutants. The second is the natural background effects of soil, such as high concentrations of toxic elements such as arsenic, lead, chromium, and cadmium in soil, and pesticides such as 666 and DDT, which have long-term residues.

2. The cultivation and management factors include: First, the use of highly toxic, high residue and carcinogenic pesticides or toxic pesticides to prevent red heart pomelo pests and diseases. The second is the use of high concentrations of toxic elements such as arsenic, lead, chromium, cadmium and other fertilizers live water. The third is the use of plant growth regulators and preservatives that have an impact on human health. The fourth is microbial infection

(2) Ensure the safe production technology of Hongmei pomelo fruit

The technologies for ensuring the safe production of Hongmei pomelo fruit include the following: First, choose a red heart grapefruit that is free of atmospheric pollution and water pollution. The second is to follow the requirements of pest and disease control, soil management, fertilizer use, and irrigation water quality in the pollution-free, green, and organic pomelo production technical regulations. Third, the fruit bagging technology is used in the production process. The fourth is to choose safe growth regulators, herbicides and preservatives.

Pinghe County Jinsheng Red Heart Pomelo Professional Cooperative

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