Plum Preservation "Trilogy"

The mature feature of timely harvesting Li Guo is the gradual decline of green color, showing the inherent color of the variety (most varieties of Li Guo have fruit powder on the surface, slightly softer meat). In the red variety, the fruit coloring area is nearly half of the whole fruit, which is the hard mature period, 90% is the semi-soft mature period, and the yellow variety is the hard mature period when the pericarp is green to greenish, and the yellowish green is the peel. Semi-soft ripening period. Li Guo harvest must be timely, usually in the early stage of maturity, picking and harvesting is too early, the flavor is not good, too mature, the fruit has become soft and intolerant of storage. Under normal circumstances, generally fresh-keeping food varieties are harvested near the full ripeness of the fruit; the processed fruit is harvested during the hard-ripening period; brittle lilies are harvested during the hard-ripening period; and the water plum is picked 3-4 days before the ripening.
Before the harvesting method is exported or stored, the fruit is pre-cooled to 4-5°C. To prevent mechanical damage, the packaging containers should not be too large, each containing 6-10 kg, before the packaging, Li Guo should be pre-cooled as soon as possible, pre-cooling method to use 0.5-1 °C cold water cooling effect is better.
1, cold storage. Storage temperature is 0-1 °C, humidity is about 90%, plums stored at -1 °C 45-60 days will cause browning caused by low temperature, should pay attention to avoid this temperature. Prior to plums entering the store, formaldehyde or sec-butylamine fumigants were used for disinfection. 2. The plastic bags are stored at low temperature and controlled atmosphere. A 0.025 mm thick polyethylene film was used for fruit packing. Each bag of 5 kg, after the bag is fastened, stored at 0 - 1 °C. It can be stored for 10 weeks under the condition of oxygen concentration of 1% -3% and carbon dioxide concentration of 5%.

Oxygen Generator

The medical  Psa Oxygen Generator system consists of the air compressor, air-water separation device, dryer, air dew point monitoring device, multi-stage filter, air buffer tank, air moisture monitoring device, oxygen generator, oxygen buffer tank, flow meter, online oxygen monitoring device, cylinder manifold system, smart electric control cabinet, computer monitoring system, remote network monitoring system and optional oxygen booster system.

ETR oxygen generator can produce medical level oxygen with  93%±3% purity and 4bar pressure. The oxygen production capacity for single oxygen generator is 3-100Nm3/h. 

Etr Oxygen Generator

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