Mountain mulch use

The mountain area here is a winter resort with no irrigation conditions. Such plots are quite suitable for growing mulch corn. The specific operations are as follows:
First, the sowing date is arranged in mid-April before the harvest of Xiaochun;
Second, pull the line to play the pond, put the farm fertilizer and base fertilizer in the pond and then put a pound of soil in the pond, and then drenched;
3. Put 3-5 seeds in the pond after watering, and put one melon seed at a distance from each other, then cover with dry soil;
Fourth, on the surface of the first spray insecticide, back cover film.
With this planting method, the sowing and harvesting periods are exactly in the idle period of the two cropping seasons, which is conducive to the timely arrangement of farm laborers. In addition, the growing of the flowering cucum must wait until after the corn harvest to enter the prosperous period, the corn harvest will become a melon.

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