Intercropping Technology of Cucumber and Pepper in Greenhouse

Greenhouses can benefit from growing vegetables, and vegetable farmers can use the light energy and temperature of plastic greenhouses to practice intercropping with peppers. This can effectively control the occurrence of pepper anthracnose and cucumber downy mildew, and the economic benefits are significant.

1, to choose a reasonable variety

Pepper varieties can be selected from the precocious, disease-resistant, cold-resistant, plant-dwarf, and high-yield varieties. The main cultivar of cucumber is selected from the main vine, and there are few branches, and at the same time, it has good characteristics such as early ripening, cold resistance, disease resistance, and high yield.

2, timely sowing

In order to improve the market economy and increase economic efficiency, peppers can be planted in early December, planted in January, and planted in early March, planted in early March, cucumbers planted in early February, and seedlings aged 30 to 35 days and planted in mid-March.

3, reasonable cultivation and management

(1) Since the cucumber and capsicum roots are not well developed and require sufficient nutrients, the soil must be deep-rooted. And to apply basal fertilizer. The type of basal fertilizer should be adapted to local conditions, and it is generally based on organic fertilizer (such as cow dung, horse dung, etc.) and soil-miscellaneous fertilizer.

(2) In the method of site preparation, since the water requirement of cucumber is larger than that of hot pepper, and the pepper is not resistant to picking, it is considered that when picking up the soil, the pod of cucumber is appropriately lower than the pod of the pepper, and the general drop is 4 5 cm is appropriate. This level of glutinous rice can satisfy the excessive water intake of cucumber when it is irrigated, which is conducive to the growth of both seedlings. But also can weaken the impact of pepper on the cucumber caused by high seedlings.

(3) Note that in the middle and later stages, cucumbers should properly destroy the lower old leaves so as to increase air circulation and prevent the growth of peppers due to poor ventilation and shade.

(4) After the pepper is ridged and ridged, the cucumber should be removed from the larvae so that the vigorous growing peppers have sufficient nutritional area.

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