How to prevent grape white rot?

The key to prevention of white rot in grapes is that after the first rainfall after flowering or after the first irrigation, the pathogenic bacteria on the surface begin to spread. At this time, 1:1:2 sulphur should be applied in the whole garden: Fumei Double: fine sand. ~3 kg for eradication. If the pathogenic bacteria spread to the plants, they can be treated with Antai 800 times solution, and the enemy can be treated with 4000 times solution once every 7 days for 2 consecutive times.


The non-invasive/high-flow integrated ventilator (BPAP-HE) is a non-invasive ventilator, a high-flow respiratory humidifier, or a high-performance humidifier.
The non-invasive ventilator mode of this product can be used for adult patients who do not rely on invasive ventilation support, such as respiratory dysfunction, to provide ventilation assistance and respiratory support;
Products with high-flow heating and humidification mode can be used for humidification and oxygen therapy for adult patients with spontaneous breathing.

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