How to manage potted orchids in winter

The common species of family support orchids are Chunlan, Panlan, Jianlan (also known as Qiulan), Hanlan, and Molan (also known as Luanlan). Different varieties, different cold resistance, so the winter time into the room is not the same. Hanlan and Qilan are grown in the south and must be brought into the house early. Chunlan and Xialan have strong cold resistance and can move forward in the freezing house. The orchids supported by families in East China are generally to be relocated indoors or in greenhouses from mid-November. It is too late to freeze injury.

After the Orchid Room, we must also consider the environment. The ancients raised the orchids with the view that "the weather should be exposed." Therefore, after entering the room, it is better to place it on the south-facing sunlit windowsill or several cases. For temperature, Jianlan and Muran have worse cold tolerance than Chunlan and Yulan. When the indoor temperature is lower than 10°C, they should move the potted flowers inwards at night, and then move back to their original position during the day, or cover the window glass with cotton blankets and other objects. To prevent freezing. When the outdoor temperature is higher than O°C, it is sometimes found that the pots (especially the zisha pots) have “sweat” on the wet, which is caused by the sweltering and poor ventilation, and it is easy to cause diseases and insect pests without paying attention. Therefore, doors and windows should be opened during the day to keep the room ventilated and breathable. When the wind is big. Just open the doors and windows a little so that the cold wind does not strike the orchid directly.

In winter, watering should be maintained in the middle of the dry zone, and the surface of the basin soil should not be dry. As the saying goes, "Autumn is not dry, winter is not wet" is this truth. Moran, Cymbidium flowers in the winter, winter watering can be more appropriate. Chunlan buds are also gradually formed in winter and should be suitable for moisturizing. Jianlan and Whelan should be slightly dry.

Orchids like a clean environment, fear of smoke pollution. If there is any dust on the leaf surface, it should be brushed gently with a brush or flushed with clean water to keep the leaf surface clean and bright.

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