How to make ginger soaking more reasonable?

Recently, the reporter learned during an interview in Shiqiaozi Township, Zhucheng City, Weifang, that because the ginger farmer did not have the habit of ginger soaking or simply adopted soaking measures, the results showed that seedlings were missing after the ginger was sown. The weakness of the seedlings and the lack of seedlings and ridges have finally affected the yield of ginger. Production practices have proved that the production of ginger that takes correct soaking is much higher than that of ginger without soaking or soaking.

In this interview, when the reporter introduced the benefits of ginger soaking to the local ginger farmers, many farmers asked how to make ginger soaking more reasonable. The reporter believes that when Jiang Nong conducts ginger soaking, there are three points that need to be grasped:

One is to do pretreatment before soaking. It is recommended that Jiangnong choose the sunny morning and remove the ginger seeds from the cellar. Since the surface of the ginger that has just been taken out is very moist, it needs to be aired for a long time. Afterwards, use a soft-bristled brush to remove the dirt on the surface of the ginger seed. Avoid scratching the epidermis when cleaning ginger seed. Finally, according to the principle of 1 pound ginger seeding 5-6 small pieces of uniform ginger seed, but pay attention to each piece at least to keep a complete dormant buds in order to prepare for germination needs.

The second is to prepare soaking solution. In order to achieve a better soaking effect, the reporter suggested that the soaking solution configured by the vegetable farmer needs to have two conditions: First, it has the role of nutrition. Through soaking to increase the nutritional level of ginger seeds, provide sufficient nutrition for the germination of ginger seeds, and at the same time improve the resilience of ginger seeds after sowing. Can choose sea chlorophyll, chitin, amino acid and full nutrition leaf fertilizer. The second is to prevent pests. By soaking seeds, on the one hand, it can prevent ginger sprouts from growing during germination; on the other hand, it can prevent and cure ginger seed bacteria, so as to avoid serious occurrence of diseases such as molting, ginger rooting and stem rot. Can be used seedlings, avermectin, Donning and other agents.

The third is thorough soaking. After the soaking solution is configured, direct soaking may be performed in batches. Ginger seeds can be placed on the ground and sprayed with a sprayer to soak seeds. Note that the front and back sides must be sprayed. After the soaking is completed, cool it and let it dry. After the ginger seeds are dried on the surface, they can be germinated. Efforts are made to balance balanced (20:20:20) and high-potassium (15:5:40) ferritin for the purpose of balancing growth, promoting tree growth, increasing growth, and delaying premature aging.

In addition, every 7-10 days, he sprayed folclovin leaf fertilizer (800-1000 times) once more to further increase the photosynthetic capacity of the leaves.

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