How to induce piglets to eat?

First, free food law.

Some people can eat biscuits (more than 3 yuan a pound) in places where the piglets are often active. Because they are crispy and tasty, piglets are particularly fond of eating; or they can sprinkle finely chopped green cabbage leaves on the ground so that the sows can lead piglets. Free to eat. Training 4 to 5 times a day, generally 4 to 5 days after the piglets can learn to eat.

Second, with the big and small law.

Focus on inducing larger piglets to learn to eat first, use piglets to grab food habits, and promote other small piglets to quickly learn to eat.

Third, sweets lure method.

You can use piglets to eat sweets habits, add the right amount of white sugar, glucose powder, brown sugar in the feed, so that the feed slightly sweet, add some fried corn or soybeans, so that piglets free to feed.

Fourth, I do not have to buy opening material or granular material, there are four reasons:

1, by contrast, it is difficult to overfeed in the future.

2. Feeding people's food to piglets has a much higher nutritional and food safety factor.

3, feed their own deployment of open material, once there is a problem, his heart is clear, to buy the feed it is difficult to determine what is wrong.

4, self-made feed low cost, excessive natural.
Except. In addition, it should be noted that blisters suffering from this disease should not be reserved for species use.

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