How to build chicken chicken shed

The selection of the site to build the shelter should be in the stocking area to find a sheltered, sunny, flat, water-free flat land, beside the forest or orchard, so that the birds in the shade of the sun when the sun is strong, but also have a comparison In open areas, it is best to have grass and sand to allow chickens to freely inhabit and feed. There should be water nearby. The scaffolding method is generally 4 to 5 meters wide, 7 to 9 meters long, and 1.7 to 1.8 meters in height, and 0.8 to 0.9 meters high on both sides. The cover usually consists of 3 layers, from the inside to the outside, the first layer is covered with linoleum, the second layer is covered with straw, and the third layer is covered with a plastic film. On the both sides of the roof and one end of the roof, the film felt is pressed with sand and masonry, and an outlet is opened on the other side of the shed so as to facilitate the personnel and the chickens to enter and exit. It also facilitates ventilation and ventilation. The main bracket of the shed is fastened in four directions with iron wire to prevent the storm from rolling over the shed. In the shed, 2 to 3 storeys are used to house chickens. The number of sheds will be determined based on the number of chickens stocked. If the grass is laid without a habitat, the floor should be covered with litter for warmth. The litter requires fresh, non-polluting, soft, dry, absorbent, moderate length and length, such as hay, straw, sawdust, chaff, small shavings, etc., can be mixed. The litter should be exposed before use, and moldy grass should be singled out. Laying thickness is preferably 3 to 5 cm.


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