Hospital Surgical Equipment Petal Type Single-Head LED Ceiling Operating Light

Model NO.: SSL-LED700
Anesthesia: Closed Circuit
Type of Operating Light: Single Operating Light
Warranty: 1 Year
Install Type: Ceiling Mounted
OEM Service: Available
Light Source: LED Beads
Trademark: SINSUR
Transport Package: Standard Export Package
Specification: LED700
Origin: Shandong
HS Code: 94054090
Imported LED cold light source is adopted as operation lighting. As a genuine cold light source, there is almost no temperature rise at the doctor's head or the patient.
The white LED has a feature of color temperature which is different from the light source of common shadowless lamps for operation. It may enhance the chromatic aberration between blood, other body tissues and organs, and it thus helps the operating doctor to have a clearer view.
Digital means are adopted for stepless regulation of LED brightness. The operator can adjust the brightness based on his/her own brightness adaptability.
The color temperature can be adjusted as preferred or according to the type of surgery.
The LED shadowless lamp is pure-DC power supplied, without any strobe or harmonic interference with other equipment in the working area.
The imported switch power supply is adopted to control the voltage, making the work voltage permanently stable.
The removable handle sheath can be disinfected at the high temperature of 135 ∩.
A special optical system is adopted so that the light is evenly illuminated on the observed objects in 360∑, without any virtual image and with high definition.
The service life of LED shadowless lamp is long (60,000h), far longer than that of traditional tungsten halogen lamp (1,500h), and it is over twenty times of the service life of energy saving lamp.
LED has high luminous efficiency and it is impact-resistant and strong to resist crumbling, without mercury contamination. The light it sends contains no infra-red or ultraviolet radiation pollution.
No welding titanium alloy arm and the streamline-designed lamp cap better meet the design requirements of modern clean laminar flow operation rooms. Its fashionable appearance provides a new attraction for hospital operation rooms.
Item  Unit  Index
Lamp Diameter mm 700
Illumination Lux 40,000-180,000
Color Temperature K 3700-5000
Spot Diameter mm 160-350
Luminance Depth mm ≥1200.
Illumination Adjusting Range % 1-100
Color Rendering Index % 85-98
Temperature Above Head ºC ≤2
Power Supply - 220V±22V 50-60HZ
LED Service Life Hour ≥60000
Rated Power of LED Lamp - 1W/3V
Height of Installation mm 2800

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Hospital Surgical Equipment Petal Type Single-Head LED Ceiling Operating Light
Hospital Surgical Equipment Petal Type Single-Head LED Ceiling Operating Light

Hospital Surgical Equipment Petal Type Single-Head LED Ceiling Operating Light
Hospital Surgical Equipment Petal Type Single-Head LED Ceiling Operating Light


ULITE Impact Drill have high power. 500W, 530W ,800W. Long longevity motor using. Quiet and smooth gear voice. Little sparkling. Variable speed and reversing switch. Bearing is C & U certificated in china. Using longevity is long. Worker using is high efficiency. Drill chuck is 13mm.

1. Be sure to carry out strictly the relevant rules or obey the explanation first.
2. The workpiece to be drilled must be paied more attention regulary when it is drilled.
3. Use the plug correctly. Don`t change the plug and wire separately. And don`t access to power if the plug wire is broken. Take off the plug in time when the electric drill isn`t used. 
4. Don`t extend the length of the power wire, and keep the power wire away from the heat source and oil.

1. Pls use machine under accurate voltage.
2. Keep the tool in non-loading for one minute. Check the transmission position is flexible and make sure there is no abnormal. Check the inverting switch is normal.
3. The head of the drill is sharp, Pls don`t touch is when you are drilling. If the rotation speed is reduced abnormally or stop suddenly or get stuck. Please turn off the power immediately.
4. Carbon brush should be checked periodically and replaced in time. If the carbon brush is finished, the carbon brush end would contact with commutator. The motor would be burnt.
5. When it is in following conditions, Pls don`t be used and send to repair immediately.
     a. The insulation is damaged.
     b. The power wire or electric cable case is broken.
     c. The plug and wire is broken.
     d. The sparkle appears seriously
6.  The tools must be grounded and avoid to be shocked.

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