Five elements of immune immunization for pigs

First, understand the health of pigs. By asking the livestock owner about the past medical history and the current physiological condition of the pigs, the clinical diagnostic methods such as “look, smell, listen, and cut” were adopted to determine the health status of the pigs from the static, dynamic and food state of the pigs, and to select suitable immunity. time;

Second, the quality of the vaccine must be guaranteed. Vaccine manufacturers must choose bioproduct companies with production licenses, strengthen the management of vaccine transportation and preservation, and check the intactness of vaccines before use, and whether they are damaged or stratified. ;

Third, the operating method should be properly. Before use, it is best to naturally warm to the appropriate temperature, reduce the emergency, according to the requirements of the instructions, the rational use, not arbitrarily increase the immunization dose, the immune method must be selected, such as mycoplasma pneumonia can be used intrathoracic injection, pseudorabies can be Good results can be obtained if the nose drops within 3 days after the piglet is born;

Fourth, the side reaction should be promptly disposed. In order to minimize the losses caused by the side effects of immunity, one is to grab the time, to be disposed of at the fastest speed, and the second is to deal with the head of the treatment method. The pig body and muscle can be injected with adenosine or dexamethasone (pregnancy). Sows used with caution;)

Fifth, the level of antibody testing must be scientific. The level of antibodies directly reflects the success or failure of immunization. Therefore, blood samples should be collected after 21 days of immunization and sent to a professional institution for testing to provide scientific evidence for the development of immunization programs.

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