Do not let the pig grow too fast

The pig grows quickly and needs the following conditions

1. More and more losses caused by more and more diseases in full-price digestible pig farms. The more potential the better breeds are, the more likely the problems are in intensive pig farms. Did not meet the requirements: 42 days of age to achieve weight 12 kg 65 days to reach weight 26 kg can be successful because they have to meet the pig high-speed growth of high-grade feed for the guarantee. If the feed is not full-price only one-sided increase in high protein results will not make the pig grow faster but the disease continues to die.

2. Appropriate environmental conditions The most important environmental conditions are the temperature, humidity, air quality, and hygienic conditions. High-growth pigs need superior environmental conditions. Temperature discomfort can affect pig feed intake; humidity can affect the herd through the effect of temperature; poor sanitation can increase the chance of disease; and poor air quality can increase burden on the respiratory organs and reduce respiratory resistance. Increase respiratory disease The possibility of attack.

3. Fine management of a hole in a window may result in a swine cold caused by a thief's wind and subsequent secondary respiratory outbreaks; a moldy feed in a feeding tank that has not been cleaned for a long time may cause diarrhea in one pig. Can also cause the entire group to infect; treatment does not change the needle may cross infection between pigs and pigs and thus appear mixed infection. The above situation is too much, that is, a small detail may incur serious injuries. Fine management is more important for high-growth pigs.

High-speed growth is the biggest stress. Just like a high-speed car, if there is no flat road, no high-quality gasoline, no regular overhaul to ensure its operation, and a good driver is not a problem, it will be a matter of time. Not letting pigs grow too quickly is not right for all pig farms but it is right for pig farms that do not have these conditions because pigs are pursuing profit maximization.

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