Chinese medicine prices skyrocketing natural disaster speculation, etc. into the driving force

Previously to open a Chinese medicine only six or seven yuan, and now basically no way to open the following 20 yuan; who had money before looking at Western medicine, and now who has money who see Chinese medicine; previously only tens of dollars can buy Chinese medicine cold medicine , Guanxin medicine, now 3 servings of cold medicine nearly 160 yuan, 3 servings of Chinese medicine for coronary heart disease nearly 200 yuan ... In the face of rising Chinese medicine costs, the original "concise, convenient, experience, inexpensive" of traditional Chinese medicine, what became Ordinary people can't afford the “nobility medicine.”

Originally it was said that the price of agricultural products has risen. Compared with the prices of traditional Chinese medicines, they have different emotions. In the most frenzied price increase period of Chinese herbal medicines in the past 10 years, the price of commonly used Chinese herbal medicines has increased by more than two times from 70% to 80%. This year, there are only a few varieties that have fallen compared to last year's rising prices. Now each prescription has risen by at least 30% compared with the price of the same period of last year, and the high energy has risen to 40%. The original medication that took place in the early 20s is now more than 30 yuan. The rise in the price of traditional Chinese medicine has caused people to find out that now it is more affordable to look at western medicine than to look at traditional Chinese medicine. Western medicine only costs a dozen yuan for the treatment of colds, but if you look at traditional Chinese medicine, you have to spend more than 100 yuan, a difference of ten times. In order to reduce the patient's consumption, Chinese medicine practitioners have to replace them with cheaper drugs that have almost the same effect. But in this way, the efficacy will be greatly reduced.

What is the reason that causes Chinese medicine prices to soar?

First, the demand for Chinese herbal medicines has increased. The number of public health incidents in recent years has been relatively high. From SARS, human bird flu, a stream to hand, foot and mouth disease, people’s demand for Chinese herbal medicines has increased. The outbreak of these epidemics will inevitably have a Chinese medicine prescription for its epidemic. The price of Chinese medicine in this prescription is bound to rise.

Second, the abnormal increase in prices of Chinese herbal medicines due to abnormal climate has skyrocketed. In addition to the increase in demand, it also has a great relationship with the reduction in planting area and the reduction in production due to abnormal climate. Since 2000, the cultivation area of ​​Chinese herbal medicines has been declining at a rate of 20% per year, especially those of wild herbs such as Bupleurum, Licorice and Astragalus.

In addition, the earthquake in Wenchuan, the drought in the southwest, the floods in Guangdong, Guangxi, and Northeast China all contributed to the reduction of some Chinese herbal medicines. These areas are the main producing areas of Chinese herbal medicines, and they are concentrated in about two-thirds of the country's production areas.

Third, the increase in production costs Raising the price as large as the juvenile Nannan Xing needs to be peeled, but the dedicated peeling machinery is more expensive, which requires the use of two hands and one peeled, and now the human cost of labor is so high, the price of Lunan Star. Can not rise? It can be said that the backward productivity has led to the increase in the production cost of Minnan Star.

Fourth, speculation on speculation behind high prices seems to have become an important economic tool in today's society. From real estate to financial investment, the market is full of hype.

Hot money speculation, they found out that there are two corroboration: First, there are many goods in the hands of suppliers, a variety of several libraries, that is, no shots; there is a price increase of Chinese medicine is much lower than the Chinese herbal medicine, In recent years, the increase has not exceeded 10% or even lower.

Fifth, the high fees for Chinese medical practitioners sitting in the hospital boosted the fee for general medical practitioners who sit above the doctor's degree for one day or above. The fee for the day is 300-500 yuan, while the provincial-level senior doctors are 1400-1500 yuan a day. With traditional Chinese medicine doctors, the operating income has increased a lot, but deducting the cost of their visits to the clinic, the amount of money that can be left is almost no more than a day. Sometimes it's a couple of hundred dollars.

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