Buy massage chair knowledge

First, explain why you buy a massage chair to buy a massage chair money you must first clearly buy a massage chair is for personal use or gifts, is to send the elderly, send friends or give customers. If your massage chair is used by yourself, you should pay more attention to the function, especially the massage chair massage, which means that the functional function is supreme, and the fancy functions are optional. High-quality, technically advanced massage chairs are also relatively expensive, and massage chair movements and intelligent electronic controls will take up a large portion of the cost. Send massage chairs to honor the elderly, to take into account that the elderly do not like the young can receive a lot of strength, massage chair massage particle size should be selected to be gentle, comfortable type, such massage chairs are generally not high prices, the elderly are very practical. To send a friend is to choose the appearance of the massage chair to the atmosphere, some of the appropriate luxury configuration, so that the money spent enough to have a face.

Second, the massage effect is the key point to distinguish the quality of massage chairs buy a massage chair as if to come back to a massage the massage chair back massage effect is the best part of the massage chair technology, a good massage chair is heavy but not painful, Intelligent search for acupuncture points should be accurate. Can't massage the head like massage back. Massage cervical and lumbar vertebrae can fully reflect the design and technology of massage chairs.

Third, the degree of emphasis on additional functions does not need to be too high. The attached function should not be overly heavy. If you pay more attention to the main part, you will regret it later. When you are doing a massage chair, the salesperson may give you a description of how many features there are, such as more airbags for the foot massage, arms and airbags, music is good, there is a TV, where there is a phone. At this time, do not forget, you should pay attention to whether the back massage is in place, if the general effect of the back massage, then most of this is a buyer regrets low-grade high-profile massage chair.

Fourth, listen to the sound to distinguish the quality of the motor to listen to a good massage chair noise when running, loud noise that motor power is not enough and mechanical structure is not so precise massage chair failure rate will be high.

Fifth, it is best to open the back cover to see the internal structure of the massage chair to pay before asking to look at the back of the massage chair movements, requires the back of the back cover, inside the massage mechanism must be a metal movement, many massage chairs The core is made of plastic material and it will take less than a few years. More than 90% of the general noise is plastic movement. Of course, if you have enough money to return it is optional.

Six, leg massage function. Some massage chairs have a leg massager on the leg massage area. Generally speaking, because the leg machine uses an engineering plastic structure, the lifespan is much lower than that of a high-quality massage chair. Responsible manufacturers generally do not do so. Unless the massage chair itself is not long-lived. If you are choosing a massage chair, you can carefully choose according to the above points, I believe you can buy a satisfied massage chair, add color to your home life!

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