Biogas residue making nutrients

1. The production of cotton nutrition bowls. The formula for producing biogas residue cotton nutrient: 0.75 to 1.5 kg of biogas residue per square meter of seedbed, 37.5 g of calcium magnesium phosphate, and 15 g of potassium chloride. The leaves of seedlings cultivated with the use of biogas residue nutrients are numerous, the seedling diameter is thick, and the seedlings grow fast; with other measures, the cotton can increase production by about 10%.

2. The production of corn nutritional pots. Biomass residue is mixed with common soil in a 6:4 ratio for corn seedlings. When the corn seedlings grow 2-3 true leaves when transplanted. This kind of seedling turns green and has a low incidence rate. Combining with other measures, it can increase corn production by about 10%.

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