Apple calcium technology essentials

Calcium is one of the essential elements for the growth and development of apples. When the apple tree lacks calcium, its root growth is significantly inhibited, and the growth point often rots. The fruit is prone to bitter pit disease and spot disease at the ripening stage and storage period.

Apple calcium technology essentials

According to related studies, the content of calcium in apple fruits is negatively correlated with respiration: apple fruits with low calcium content have strong respiration, fruits are fast-growing, prone to diseases such as thrombosis and bitter pit, and are not resistant to storage; After the apple was sprayed with calcium solution, it could effectively promote fruit coloring and fruit surface wax formation, improve fruit quality, prolong fruit storage life, reduce pre-harvest cracking, and reduce disease occurrence.

Period of calcium supplementation: Calcium from fruits can be carried out from the young flowering period to the harvesting of the fruit. Even after harvesting, calcium can be obtained by dipping the fruit.

Calcium supplement products: When selecting, we must consider cost-effectiveness as an important factor. (1) First select the full-process calcium supplement preparation. Raw material products, such as calcium chloride, calcium nitrate, calcium acetate, etc., although high in calcium content, but due to lack of technical content, the absorption and utilization rate is particularly low, even in young fruit will cause damage to young fruit, so that the fruit It loses its commerciality when it begins to develop. (2) Select a product with a content of more than 10%. Such as the Huaxia Baodao calcium treasure (calcium content of 18%, total nutrients 28%), remember not to choose the amino acid calcium calcium content of only about 4% of calcium preparations.

Use of calcium supplements: (1) Use under neutral and weakly acidic conditions. Calcium supplements are often neutral or slightly acidic, and calcium or complexed calcium ions are only stable under these conditions and will precipitate under alkaline conditions. (2) Mixed with other foliar fertilizers. Calcium supplements, whether they are in the ionic or complex state, cannot be mixed with most of the foliar fertilizers because most of the foliar fertilizers contain sulfates, phosphates, and other substances that precipitate calcium ions. These sediments often cause damage (damage) to apple fruit. Except individual fertilizers, such as urea and nitrate. (3) Mixed with pesticides. Calcium supplements can be mixed with most acidic and neutral pesticides (except for sulfate and phosphate pesticides); they cannot be mixed with alkaline pesticides. (4) Mixture with plant growth regulators. Hormone plant growth regulators that promote cell division are generally not recommended in fruit trees, and plant growth regulators that do not produce cell division and promote the speed of cytoplasmic circulation and plant photosynthetic efficiency are recommended. Mixing the preparations can promote the absorption of calcium and the transfer to the fruit, thereby improving the utilization and effectiveness of calcium.

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