WHO: Global New Coronal Virus Infection Causes Three Mo…

World Health Organization announced that Saudi Arabia and Jordan recently notified WHO of three new cases of deaths from coronavirus infections. This has increased the total number of laboratory-confirmed new cases of coronavirus infections to nine, with deaths increasing to 5 cases. The ----more

Intercropping Technology of Cucumber and Pepper in Gree…

Greenhouses can benefit from growing vegetables, and vegetable farmers can use the light energy and temperature of plastic greenhouses to practice intercropping with peppers. This can effectively control the occurrence of pepper anthracnose and cucumber downy mildew, and the economic benefits are ----more

Winter health kidneys eat black beans

In the cold winter, besides paying attention to more exercise and wearing more clothes to keep warm, we must also pay attention to eating more food that can protect the cold and improve the body's ability to resist cold. Black beans are rich in nutrients and have a high protein content. They a ----more

Comparative study on antidepressant effects of differen…

Comparative study on antidepressant effects of different frequency electroacupuncture on model rats Source: http:// Abstract: Objective To observe the antidepressant effects of 2Hz and 100Hz electroacupuncture in the forced swimming behavioral model of rats. Methods SD male rats were divided into ----more

Biogas residue making nutrients

1. The production of cotton nutrition bowls. The formula for producing biogas residue cotton nutrient: 0.75 to 1.5 kg of biogas residue per square meter of seedbed, 37.5 g of calcium magnesium phosphate, and 15 g of potassium chloride. The leaves of seedlings cultivated with the use of biogas resi ----more

Crab quality and high yield technology

The use of ponting ponds to raise crabs has the characteristics of less investment, quick results, and good individual quality. If the aquaculture process is supplemented with a goldfish fish and shrimp aquatic product water quality conditioner to manage the water quality and produce crab-free pro ----more

How to prevent grape white rot?

The key to prevention of white rot in grapes is that after the first rainfall after flowering or after the first irrigation, the pathogenic bacteria on the surface begin to spread. At this time, 1:1:2 sulphur should be applied in the whole garden: Fumei Double: fine sand. ~3 kg for eradication. If ----more