The efficacy and function of Sanmao Pills

[Prescription] Atractylodes (Fried) 600g Cork (Fried) 400g Achyranthes 200g 【Properties】 This product is gray-yellow water pill; bitter, spicy. [Functions and Indications] Dampness and heat. For hot and humid bet, the knees are red and swollen, the lower ----more

The efficacy and effect of Xianggan Pills

Pinyin name: XiangjuWan Standard number: WS3-B-0344-90 [Prescription] 茯苓90g Hawthorn (fried) 60g dried tangerine peel 90g malt (fried) 60g method Pinellia 90g Amomum villosum 30g Coix seed (branch fried) 90g Atractylodes (broiled fried) 90g 枳 ( (Bran ----more

Pepper nutrition and health

Since the chili peppers started to lose weight, the nutrition and health care value of chili has once again attracted attention. Is eating chili beneficial or harmful to the body? Does pepper have health benefits? Let's take a closer look at chili. Prevent cancer and chronic diseases Studies ----more

Processing of potato vermicelli

(1) Raw material selection: Pick out pest-free, mold-free potatoes and wash away the sediment and dirt from the epidermis. (2) Starch processing: The washed potatoes are crushed and filtered, and an appropriate amount of spharose is added and stirred (the pulp water is stored separately from the ----more

How to prevent heavy rain damage

The season is a season of heavy rainfall, which is a critical period for the sowing of autumn vegetables and the growth of vegetables during the summer. At this time, Daejeon’s vegetables are often hit by heavy rain, which leads to a significant drop in yield and quality. If the vegetables ----more

Biogas cultivation of Agaricus bisporus

1 raw and auxiliary materials: straw such as wheat straw or rice straw, which can be cut to 40 centimeters, can also be used as a whole plant; corn cob, crushed to 3 cm or less; biogas digester from a normal biogas digester, pH 7 ~ 7.5, with the marsh After the slag is withdrawn, the naturally drai ----more

Millet high-yielding cultivation techniques

The nutritional value of millet is very high, and the growing area is becoming less and less. The reasons are: First, the yield of millet is low, and the second is the very strict requirements on soil quality, especially the millet is afraid of embarrassment, like the land and higher plots. In addi ----more