Clinical laboratory quality assurance requirements

Release date: 2010-06-11 Source: Internet Foreword This standard is equivalent to the "Jia Chapter - moderate or highly complex test (or both) patients in the "Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments 88" (Clina 88). Chapter 2 of the “Inspection Management” and â ----more

Red heart pomelo safety production technology

Pinghe County Jinsheng Red Heart Pomelo Professional Cooperative has made great efforts in the safety production technology of the Red Heart Pomelo and summarized the methods. (I) Factors affecting the safety of red pomelo fruit There are two main aspects: 1. Natural environment factors include ----more

Sorting Mouse CD4+ CD25+ Inhibitory Cells by AUTOMACS S…

Sorting mouse CD4+ CD25+ inhibitory cells by PriCells-AUTOMACS automatic sorting system The negative cell (CD4 + CD25 - ) obtained by this method can be used as a reaction cell or a control cell. Experimental Materials: Mouse 2. HBSS Wash Buffer 3. MACS buffer 4. CD8a (Ly-2) magnetic beads 5. ----more

"Sucking tube" method for driving wild boars

In the mountainous areas, the occurrence of wild boar spoilage often occurs. However, wild boars are also listed as protected and cannot be easily hunted without the approval of the forestry authorities. This article describes an environment-friendly "sweeping tube" method to drive wild ----more

Timely Control of Grape Cob Brown Blight

Grape cob brown blight mainly damages young buds, cobs or young fruit, causing it to shrink, dry, causing a large number of flowering and fruit drop. General production cuts are 10%-30%, and when serious, production is reduced by more than 40%. According to Wu Weimin, an expert on fruit trees in ----more

Organic chestnut cultivation techniques

Organic chestnuts have higher requirements for environmental factors such as the atmosphere and water quality. They also have stricter management requirements. Their cultivation techniques mainly include the following aspects: First, build a park 1. Selection of land. Should choose the gradient ----more

Grape leaf surface fertilization technology

The main advantages of foliar fertilization are: rapid fertilizer effect, significant effect, labor-saving fertilizer, not affected by soil fixation and root absorption function. The disadvantages are: affected by wind, air humidity, and temperature. Foliar application not only can timely treat th ----more