How to Make Mushrooms Produce More Mushrooms

Mushrooms, the market price is often 1 to 2 times that of ordinary mushrooms, the production of high efficiency, so when the cultivation of mushrooms, mushroom farmers to cultivate more mushrooms to improve their own production efficiency. Winter is an ideal season for mushroom cultivation. Howeve ----more

Cultivation techniques of winter sugarcane

The key to the success or failure of planting winter sugarcane is whether it can grasp seedlings and seedlings after seeding. In the period from the next seedling to the seedling emergence, the temperature and moisture are two important factors affecting the germination of winter sugarcane. Among ----more

Discussion on boiler blowdown

First, the concept of boiler blowdown: 1. In order to control the water quality of the boiler water in accordance with the prescribed standards, the impurities in the boiler water are kept within a certain limit, and it is necessary to continuously remove the furnace w ----more

Vegetable Seedling New Technology

Plug seedlings. It is a method of raising seedlings using plastic plugs as containers. The seedling plate is divided into cells, one cell and one strain. When the seedlings grow, the root system and the matrix are intertwined with each other, and the roots and soils are in the shape of a small plu ----more

Jiangsu suspends sales of 4 drugs such as skin diseases…

According to Article 32 of the Regulations of the Jiangsu Drug Administration Regulation and Article 21 of the Measures for the Examination of Pharmaceutical Advertisements of the State Food and Drug Administration, the Food and Drug Administration of Jiangsu Province has made research dec ----more

Confectionery salt and other foods will hurt

According to a report recently published by the British "Daily Mail", studies have found that foods have different time of onset in the human body, and some injuries even "immediately." Candy: 2 minutes. The bacteria in the mouth will decompose the sugar into acidic substances ----more

Greenhouse grape winter qiao trim

The winter pruning steps can be divided into one look, two thinks, three hands, and four checks. A look: Look at the tree, see the tree and watch the breed. These intuitive factors are the basis of the pruning plan. In addition to the above three observations, we must also look at the relationshi ----more