The benefits of cotton seed sun drying

In the cold winter, the freezing treatment of cotton seeds can reduce the moisture content of the seed and increase the storage stability. Second, it is beneficial to increase the germination rate of seeds and enhance the cold resistance of seed seedlings after seedling emergence; Low temperatures ----more

There are "three provinces" for using old she…

On the asphalt road in Langjiaying Village, Tianliu Town, there is a short and edible mushroom shed in the roadside slope. It is understood that there are more than 600 households in the village. Many villagers have planted edible fungus for many years, and there are also some bold innovators. Liu ----more

A New Round-leaved Spinach Variety---Anhe Big Leaf

Ansu big-leaf spinach is a new spinach variety made from the parents' cross-leaf spinach, which is imported from the Netherlands, and spinach spinach from the Anyang area. The variety showed leaf hypertrophy, short petiole, less fiber, late bolting, high yield, and superior quality. After Henan ----more

Establishment and Management of Apple's Virus-free …

Breeding virus-free seedlings must establish a virus-free cutting garden. The virus-free cutting garden includes varieties and stockpile scion nursery, that is, non-toxic materials are expanded and expanded by tissue culture and then cultivated into self-rooted seedlings. The general requirements a ----more

Front steering wheel inspection and adjustment method

First, the steering wheel toe inspection method. The following three kinds of inspection methods are commonly used for the front steering wheel: 1. When the steering wheel is floating, turn the steering wheel to measure the distance between the front end of the two steering wheels and the distance ----more

Species of fox winter management

The foxes are usually prepared for breeding in the third quarter of each year (August) until January to February of the following year. The quality of this period of management is directly related to the reproduction and harvest in the coming year. To this end, farmers are advised to do the followi ----more

The highest total concentration of perfluorinated compo…

(Reporter Li Tianshu) Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are a new class of persistent organic pollutants. Recently, the reporter learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the State Key Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences investig ----more